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High Performance Practice

HPP is a coaching program and mastermind that is rare in our industry. It is the brainchild of
Dr. Justin and Dr .Nav Bhullar, both dentists with multiple profitable practices. It is selective in who can become a member, and it is more economical that the majority of coaching programs and masterminds available today.

Our Mission

To improve the lives of our doctors and their teams!

Our Vision

To create a community that feels like family and offers step by step, real and results oriented feedback. A place where each member is heard, respected, and uplifted by the rest. A community where every person is encouraged to thrive and create their unique High Performance Practice and lifestyle.

UNIQUE is the key word there.  We want to help you define success on your terms and in your own words then help you design a MAP that will get you to where you want to be. Reverse engineering the process is necessary to arrive at the exact destination you choose! HPP gives you a unique blueprint to get you there step by step

We are passionate

about dentistry

We are passionate

about growth and development of people

We are passionate

about business growth and the benefits it brings our clients and their families

We believe

giving is true living

We believe

Doctors deserve the practice of their dreams

We believe

patients receive the best care when the doctors and team are happy with their income, culture, and lifestyle

Your coaches are not consultants who simply saw dollar signs in the eyes of dentists….not opportunists…not arm chair or retired dentists…BUT practicing dentists and multi-practice owners with a family!

He is a practicing dentist, entrepreneur, speaker, author, and coach. He is devoted to helping dentists and other health care providers create profitable practices. He believes leadership, a bullet proof mindset, great habits, and consistent execution are the key to attaining your personal and professional goals.

He holds a DMD degree and has invested over $1,500,000 in his personal and professional development. Dr. Justin has had the privilege of receiving mentorship from numerous Millionaires and two Billionaires in his short career. He believes the fastest way to 10x your results and grow your business is to model the success of those that have done it already. One of his favorite quotes is: “Your problem is you think you have time”. Sometimes we take our limited time on earth for granted and do not maximize each day. The difference between those who realize their true potential and accomplish their goals vs. those that do not is based on how they use those 24hrs! Far too often we wait too long before we take action, the clock is always ticking and time is running out. Speed of implementation is so important but so under-rated. Dr. Bhullar believes knowledge is not power rather knowledge put to use is power. Execution is where it is at!

He is the author of  “High Performance Practice: Management, Marketing and Leadership” and a contributing author of “Greatness 2018”, a book he wrote with ABCs Secret Millionaire James Malinchak and other successful entrepreneurs. Dr. Bhullar loves to serve and one of the ways he does that is through his podcast that he co-hosts with his wife Nav. He educates health care providers on Leadership, mindset, relationships, wealth creation and the drivers of practice/business growth. His wish for you is for you to have the freedom to be in places, with people, and do work that brings you joy!  

She is a dentist, marketer, and coach. She enjoys helping dentists and other health care providers market and grow their practices. As a dentist, entrepreneur, mother of 3 and wife, she believes that being the CEO of one area will serve you well in each of the others. One of her favorite quotes is “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!” Self-belief is the first step in accomplishing all of your dreams. All too often we watch our colleagues and mentors succeed thinking they have something we don’t…and that couldn’t be further from the truth! Her MO in this industry is to provide dentists with the career satisfaction of bringing in quality new patients and allowing dentists to do the procedures they really enjoy. This leads to increased revenue, decreased chair time and overall happier people!

She holds a DMD degree and currently serves as the Marketing Director for her 6 multi-million dollar practices. How does a dentist become a marketer you ask? “Well it happened out of necessity.” she says. “I was tired of giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to marketing companies that produced little to no change in my businesses, dealing with marketers who offered no data driven results and created an illusiveness around the marketing sphere.”  Dr. Nav believes dentistry is a unique business and to market effectively you must not only be an expert in marketing but also have a keen understanding of the industry and the psychology of the dental consumer. This is how Dr. Nav Bhullar Dental Marketer was born. Only a dentist knows what it’s like in the trenches…to hear patient push back to treatment plans, to see dental anxiety at its worst, to feel the weight of a sinking practice. After taking control of the marketing in her businesses she began seeing growth and an ROI. There was a predictable, calculable way to market to patients that worked!

She co-hosts a podcast with Dr. Justin Bhullar, discussing real world experiences and complexities associated with being an owner, a dentist, mom, wife, and entrepreneur. She also discusses tangible marketing tips and tricks that you can apply to your current marketing strategies. 

Dr. Nav believes that enjoying your work, being a positive influence and having enough left at the end of the day for your family to get the BEST of you and not what’s LEFT of you are the most important things. At this stage of her career she is in full control of her work schedule and feels blessed to be able to be fully involved with her 3 little monkeys, her dental offices, and helping others grow and market their practices. 






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