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As you know it is becoming increasingly difficult to run a dental practice today. Gone are the days where the “if you build it they will come” philosophy holds true.

Have you ever heard anyone say ”do good work and they will beat a path to your door”?

We don’t know about you but we have found that building a practice and doing good work is just not enough! It doesn’t cut it unless you have virtually no competition or your located in a 1:2000 or higher dentist to patient population ratio with favorable economic circumstances. Even then they are definitely not beating a path to your door.

Do you find leadership, culture building, management and marketing unmanageable at times? Do you feel you are lacking big time in the leadership department? We definitely did!

CEO Dr. Justin Bhullar says

I found myself stressed, overweight and overworked and my family and most valuable relationships were suffering immensely


I did what most would do. I sought out consultants and so called “experts” in dentistry and dental practice management. I was looking for someone that was practicing, running the business well and crushing it in their personal life

I met a lot of nice people that had good theories and ideas but no one could really answer my million dollar question.


Do you have a practice that you currently own and operate where you are using these principles and concepts? They were either silent or pivoted with some fancy sales tactics to divert my attention away from the hard truth.

THE TRUTH is they were not in the arena, they were not playing the same game as I was so how could they understand my issues?

No different than when I was looking for financial planners. The first question I asked them was “How much money have you made with these investment strategies”? OR “Can you show your portfolio and current net worth statements”?  You can guess how that that turned out. Why would I give my hard earned money to someone that doesn’t even know how to generate financial wealth and independence for themselves? That’s crazy!!!!


It became very obvious to us what we had to do, we had to do it ourselves. I made it my mission to become the person that I needed to be to SUCCEED IN BUSINESS. I have spent over $1,500,000 on personal and professional development over the last decade and continue to invest in becoming better every day. I have invested in every kind of course or coach you can think of!

What did we do with all this knowledge gathered from experts and coaches in every industry?

We took all of the concepts we learned and put them to the test. Not unlike the scientific method we experimented and measured results. We punted what does not work and what we were left with is what we know works. We have used the HPP systems and processes to start and acquire 12 practices. We currently own/manage 6 practices collecting between 1.5M-4.4M in annual revenue with 20-33% EBITDA (AKA: Profit)  

We are feeling fulfilled and working only a few days month doing clinical dentistry. The rest of the time we are either working on the business or living life and connecting with friends and family.

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