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More New Patients

More New Patients

More Revenue / Profit

More Revenue / Profit

Work Less and Earn More (3-Day Dentistry Model)

Work Less and Earn More (3-Day Dentistry Model)

More High Value Procedures

More High Value Procedures

Create My A-TEAM

Create My A-TEAM

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We are practicing dentists!

We own and actively manage 6 dental offices and have used the HPP BLUE PRINT to generate millions of dollars in revenue. These offices continue to thrive today in some tough, saturated markets with flat if not declining economies.


Where are you in your dental journey today?

-Associate dentist wondering what path to take next?
-Owner doc looking to increase your revenue?
-Owner doc wanting to reduce your chair time without loss of income?
-Want to shift from dentist to business owner?
-Looking to grow from 1 or 2 to multiple dental offices?

High Performance Practice

Can Help You

Increase your revenue and profit

Create an positive office culture that you enjoy coming to each day

Create A Team Managed Practice (No-Micro. Management/Auto-Pilot Operations)

Reduce your chair side time while earning more each year (3-day dentistry model)

Increase your new patients and become the most sought after practice in your area

10x your dental CEO Skills and Leadership



Human Beings: Hire, train and retain A players 

  • Recruitment
  • On-Boarding 
  • Team Training 
  • Mindset, Leadership and Culture  

Profit: Increase Revenue and Reduce Expenses

1)  Cash flow management 

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Profit and Loss

2)  Client Retention:

  • New Patient Experience 
  • Customer Service Protocols
  • Painless, Durable, and Efficient Dental Services  

3)  Conversion and Performance Metrics:

  • Call Conversion 
  • Treatment Conversion 
  • Re-Appointment
  • BPH (Billings Per Hour)
  • Capacity Blockages


Patient Acquisition and Lead Generation: Increase New Patients   

  • Internal Marketing
  • External Marketing 


See what others have to say about Dr. Justin Bhullar!

Dr. Cui DMD

Dr Bhullar has taught me so many things that they do not teach you in dental school. To name a few: He helped me triple my production in my first year of practice while still maintaining top quality dentistry, guided me through my first practice purchase and made it a breeze, provided me support in becoming a better leader for my staff members and managing difficult situations. and ultimately equipped me with a mindset that put me on the fast-track to success.

Dr. Cui DMD
Multi-practice owner

Dr. Thakkar DMD

Dr. Bhullar is very passionate about all aspects of dentistry! Whether it’s any clinical question or a staff related concern, he has a practical answer that is thorough and involves practical and tactical strategies that I can implement immediately. Dr. Bhullar is definitely an avid leader. He inspires, encourages, mentors and trains each member of the team to bring the best out of them. Dr. Bhullar has the key to unlock the door of success!

Dr. Thakkar DMD

Dr. Amrita Sandhu

I have had Justin as a mentor both professionally and personally since 2015. Over the last three years, Justin has provided me with feedback and mentorship that has made me the person I am today. He has shown me the importance of stats and systems. It is through his constant reports of "the numbers" that showed me where I needed to improve and made me the efficient and productive dentist I am today. Throughout these last few years, any challenge I have faced or any question I had in regards to dealing with team members or office specific situations, Justin has provided me with genuine advice and support. Even when I was an associate he treated me like an equal and always empowered me to be a leader in the office”

Dr. Amrita Sandhu

John Formica

High Performance Practice is the secret weapon that every dentist and practice can use to achieve success in business!

John Formica
America's & Australia's Best Customer Experience Speaker/Coach Top Selling Author

Joe Theismann

Justin can help coach you to higher levels of performance

Joe Theismann
NFL Football TV Commentator / Legendary NFL World Champion Quarterback

Kevin Harrington

Dr. Justin's experience, energy, and strategies will help you achieve the results you are looking for in your practice and business

Kevin Harrington
Original Shark on the Hit TV Show, Shark Tank, Inventor of the Infomercial ($5 Billion in sales on TV)

Brian Tracy

The Information In Dr. Justin's Book, High Performance Practice: Management Marketing and Leadership, will keep your patients coming back for more!

Brian Tracy
Legendary Author and Speaker

Dr. Howard Farran

It's always great to see a dentist giving back to the profession, whether through teaching, motivating, mentoring, or even just sharing helpful advice among colleagues. Dr. Justin Bhullar is doing every one of those things here. "High-Performance Practice: Management, Marketing and Leadership" is a terrific reminder and teacher for all the things we, as wet-handed dentists, often overlook or simply forgot. Dr. Bhullar presents part motivational seminar and part practice management guide with meaty chunks of practical information, instructions, indicators, financial insights, and more. Good for seasoned dentists and even better for any doctor new to the business of dentistry. From start to finish, this book is a worthy title to keep close at hand.

Dr. Howard Farran
creator of Dentaltown.com, publisher of Dentaltown magazine, and author of "Uncomplicate Business: All It Takes Is People, Time, and Money."

The High Performance Practice Guarantee: This applies to all of our VIP Coaching Clients!!!

You will never be asked to experiment with or do anything that we have not already tried and tested in all of our offices.  

Why? b/c  We want to give you what we KNOW works vs. what WE THINK works. ‘I THINK’ never made anyone a dollar! We currently use these systems in our offices and KNOW they work.  

Everything we give you is what we currently use in our multiple profitable dental offices today!

That being said we are continually progressing and evolving in order to keep up with the ever changing demands in the profession from. Given this we update our systems to keep up with current market trends. 

What you get today is what works today and not what worked yesterday or might work in the future.



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