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High Performance Practice

HPP is a VIP Coaching Program that is rare in our industry. It is the brainchild of Dr. Justin Bhullar, dentist and owner of multiple profitable dental practices. It is selective in who can become a member and it is more economical that the majority of coaching programs available today.

We want to help you define success on your terms and in your own words then help you design a MAP that will get you to where you want to be. Reverse engineering the process is necessary to arrive at the exact destination you choose! HPP gives you a unique blueprint to get you there step by step

Our Mission

To Enrich Your Practice and Life

We are passionate

about dentistry

We are passionate

about growth and development of people

We are passionate

about business growth and the benefits it brings our clients and their families

We believe

giving is true living

We believe

Doctors deserve the practice of their dreams

We believe

patients receive the best care when the doctors and team are happy with their income, culture, and lifestyle



Dr. Justin Bhullar is a dentist, speaker, author, and coach. He is devoted to helping dental practice owners increase their productivity and profitability. He believes mindset, great habits, and consistent execution are the key to attaining your personal and professional goals.

He holds a DMD degree and has invested over $1,500,000 in his personal and professional development. Dr. Justin has had the privilege of receiving mentorship from numerous Millionaires and two Billionaires in his short career. He believes the fastest way to 10x your results and grow your business is to model the success of those that have done it already.

He’s is the author of High Performance Practice: Management, Marketing and Leadership and the host of the High Performance Practice Podcast (itunes/sticher and everywhere else podcasts are available)  

Dr. Justin owns multiple dental practices, each generating between 1.5M to 4.4M in annual revenue and EBITDA of 21-33%. His practices are located in Alberta, Canada and he runs them from 2300 miles away in Tampa, Florida. He is the only practicing dentist in North America to have accomplished this successfully. He has helped numerous dental practice owners complete start-ups, acquisitions and create multi-million dollar practices of their own.






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