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People ask us what sets us apart from the rest? The answer is simple…we have industry specific and real world results!

We are experts in dental marketing

We are practicing dentists (not armchair or retired)

We have experienced every problem you can think of in the dental office and we have the answers and the systems to overcome them (and if we don’t we know where to find them)

We own and actively manage productive and profitable dental offices In both USA and Canada (Still Growing!)

We have completed multiple start-ups and acquisitions

We are committed to keeping up with the current trends and ensure our operational systems and strategies are consistent with what works now

High Performance Practice (HPP):

(HPP) focuses on 3 Key Areas That Every Profitable Practice Must Understand

Human Beings: Hire, train and retain “A” players

Profit: Increase Revenue and Reduce Expenses

Patient Acquisition and Lead Generation: Increase New Patients

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We do not believe that everyone is serious about results. We have found that some want it but when it comes down to it not really. This becomes evident not in their words but in their actions over time. It is important for us to work only with those that want true results. Those that want to impact their team, their patients, their families, and their communities. Those that want to make more money and work less (or not…work more if that’s what you want) but definitely take profitability seriously. Those who understand their practice is a business. They understand that clinical skill is only a component of what is required to succeed in private practice OR if they don’t yet understand they are open minded to the possibility that this is true.

We want to help you define success on your terms and in your own words. Based on your goals we design a custom MAP that will get you to where you want to be.  This process of developing clear and concise goals then reverse engineering the process is necessary to arrive at the exact destination you have chosen!

Bottom line:  Your results are a reflection of us!



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Meet Dr. Justin Bhullar

Dr. Justin and his wife Dr. Nav have co-created a few businesses as well have 3 amazing children together…Arjun, Maya, and Jovin. He is the author of “High Performance Practice: Management, Marketing and Leadership” and the host of the High Performance Practice Podcast (itunes/sticher and everywhere else podcasts are available).

He owns multiple productive/profitable dental practices in both USA and Canada and has helped numerous dental practice owners complete start-ups, acquisitions and create multi-million dollar practices of their own. He believes a clear  goal, a simple but strategic action plan and consistent execution are the key to growing your practice/business.

“The more complex your vision the less likely its attainment”…”Dream Big but create Simple Plans To Have Those Dreams Come To Fruition”

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